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Development and coordination of design and regulatory documentation

  • Design, construction of the facility
  • EIA - environmental impact assessment
  • DUS - List of environmental protection measures
  • SPZ - Project of the sanitary protection zone
  • Engineering and environmental surveys
  • The passage of state / non-state examination
  • Production and consumption waste
  • Process regulations on construction waste
  • DWGNDL - Draft standards for waste and limits on their placing
  • Passports of hazardous waste hazard classes 1-4
  • The calculation of waste hazard class health
  • The license for the collection, transportation, disposal and placement
  • Emissions of pollutants in ambient air
  • The inventory of pollution sources
  • MPE - the draft maximum permissible emissions of pollutants in ambient air
  • Resolution on the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere
  • temporarily agreed emissions of polluting substances into the air
  • Schedule monitoring compliance with MPE on emissions and sources in the MPC control points
  • Passport of gas cleaning installations, graphics, PPR and enforcement of emission standards and the effectiveness of the SEO
  • The Action Plan for the period of adverse weather conditions (NMU)
  • discharges of pollutants into the sewer / water body
  • VAT - allowable discharges of polluting substances in the draft water body / the drains

Development, implementation and support of the enterprise standards of "Green office". Training of staff, population

  • Consulting, implementation and optimization of the separate collection and recycling of waste
  • The introduction of separate collection of standards
  • Development and implementation of the environmental part of the CSR strategy
  • Creation of organic food from scratch or based on an existing line
  • Articles for magazines and corporate blogging, infographics, posters
  • Ekobrending: development of documentation, development strategy
  • Ekomarketing: development of documentation, consultation
  • Environmental training
  • Design Education, conducting environmental service documentation
  • Implementation of the "Green Office" concept on a turnkey basis

Greening office spaces and landscape design

  • The selection of plants and service (non-stop) for the interior spaces and the landscape
  • Design of interior space and landscape
  • Greening of offices, open office spaces and dimly lit, and "noisy" premises "turnkey»
  • Vertical gardening (fitosteny, moss decor, eco-logos)
  • Flower arrangements of indoor, perennial / annual herbaceous plants
  • Design and production of small architectural forms
  • improvement work (tracks, ponds, waterfalls, streams, automatic irrigation, lighting system, a rock garden, rockeries, a Japanese garden)
  • The creation of reservoirs (ponds, streams and cascades (waterfalls), fountains, garden aquariums)
  • Planting large trees, ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs
  • lawn Device
  • Provide a professional lawn care, trees, shrubs, flower beds

Development and approval of annual environmental statements

  • statement on the state account of objects of negative impact with the assignment of the category
  • Calculation of payments for negative impact on the environment. The natural resource user module. Declaration. Optimization of expenses on payment for negative environmental impact
  • Statistical reporting 2-TP(waste), 2-TP(Vodkhoz), 2-TP(air)
  • the Plan of the temporary storage of snow
  • Waste production and consumption
  • Records in the field of waste management in accordance with the order of MNR No. 721 from 01.09. 2011
  • Report generation, use, neutralization and disposal of waste (accounts of small and medium enterprises)
  • a Technical report about invariability of production process, used raw materials and on waste management. The extension of the limit (DNEAR)
  • Consolidated cadastre of wastes of Moscow, the Moscow region
  • Organization of laboratory research
  • Emissions of polluting substances in atmospheric air
  • Journals primary accounting of emissions of pollutants
  • Log the execution of actions on atmospheric air protection
  • the Log of the gas-cleaning and dust-collecting units reporting on the work of gas-purifying and dust-collecting units
  • Maintain log of unfavorable meteorological conditions (NMU)
  • plan the production control of atmospheric pollution (control of MPE)
  • schedule control over the observance of MPE for emission sources and maximum permissible concentrations in the control points of the Annual report in accordance with the plan of production control at MPE
  • Organization of laboratory research
  • Discharges into sewers/water feature
  • plan for the industrial pollution control water resources (control of VAT)
  • Log of water consumption measuring instruments
  • Journal of accounting drainage by measurement tools
  • Log of water use (wastewater) other methods
  • Log the quality of sewage and (or) drainage water Information obtained as a result of volume of a fence (withdrawal) water resources from water bodies
  • Information obtained as a result of volume of sewage and (or) drainage water
  • Limits of water consumption and sewage in the discharge of sewage into surface entities
  • the Scheme of water supply and sanitation
  • Standards for permissible discharges. A permit to discharge pollutants.
  • the Contract of use of water objects.
  • Agreement for use of city water supply system and canalization.
  • Form of state statistical observation № 2-TP (Vodkhoz).
  • Form of state statistical observation № 2-OC.
  • Form of state statistical observation No. 4-OS.
  • Information obtained as a result of accounting for the quality of wastewater and (or) drainage waters.
  • Report in accordance with the plan of production control for VAT
  • water use Agreement
  • the Decision on granting of water object in use
  • the Program of regular observations of water object and its water protection zone
  • Internal documentation, including job descriptions
  • environmental monitoring
  • the Program of production control
  • the Program of regular observations of water object and its water protection zone
  • Organization of laboratory research

Environmental audit, management and certification

  • Audit of the compliance of the current activities of enterprises with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Consulting, implementation, audit according to ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 22000, 29001, HOSAP (risk management).
  • Calculation of environmental damage in case of environmental offenses
  • Development, implementation and support at the enterprise of "green office" standards
  • Assessment of environmental and social risks of the enterprise
  • Audit of compliance of projects and company activities with environmental and social requirements
  • Audit of the waste management system
  • Audit of demolition of building structures
  • Certification according to BREEAM standards
  • Certification according to LEED standards
  • Audit of compliance with LEED and BREEAM requirements
  • Analysis of packaging materials for recyclability. Formation of the packaging recyclability matrix.

Legal Advisory and information services

  • Consulting on environmental legislation
  • Assistance in obtaining refusals to approve environmental documentation
  • Consulting on inspections of Rosprirodnadzor, regional environmental control bodies
  • Consulting on current and newly adopted regulations in relation to the activities of a legal entity
  • Obtaining all the necessary certificates, opinions from government agencies in the field of environmental protection
  • Preparation for verification, representation of interests, participation in audits
  • Mediation in the field of ecology, nature management and environmental protection
  • Representation of interests in courts, arbitration courts and state bodies
  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities in disputes with state regulatory authorities
  • Challenging decisions on administrative offenses in the environmental sphere
  • Calculation of damage and drafting claims for compensation for environmental damage
  • Electronic mailing of legislation and requirements in the field of environmental protection

Effective management of wastes of 1-5 classes of danger

  • Organization of the conclusion of contracts for the collection, transportation, disposal, use and disposal of consumption and production waste.
  • Comprehensive service for enterprises in Moscow and Moscow region for the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of liquid, solid, industrial and household waste from the 1st to the 5th hazard class.
  • Service for the collection and transportation of solid municipal, construction and industrial waste.
  • Maintenance of treatment facilities, storm drains, industrial effluents, car washes, tanks, sedimentation tanks, underground tanks, grease separators (grease traps), Sewage pumping stations (Sewage pumping stations)
  • Purchase of secondary raw materials (polyethylene, waste paper, etc. Types)
  • Organization of the sharing economy (joint consumption) - the exchange of resources in order to avoid getting them to the landfill

Environmental fee, implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility

  • Declaration on the number of finished goods put into circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation for the previous calendar year, including packaging to be recycled
  • Forms for calculating the amount of environmental fee
  • Reporting on the implementation of waste disposal standards for submission to government agencies
  • Full support of the process of self-realization of extended producer responsibility
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A team of professionals with experience in ecology for over 14 years, able to perform a full range of services environmental support of any volume at the highest level.


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Innovative use of modern techniques. The creation of optimal models of calculations individually for each client. Reduce costs of payments for negative impact.


Joint programs and close cooperation with state authorities on control and supervision in the sphere of environmental protection and natural resource management. The experience of interaction and knowledge, allowing in the shortest terms to execute the scope of work for the development and approval of project permits.

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The result, which meets the requirements of international legal standards and expressed in absolute confidence any environmental work from some of the biggest actors.

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A team of professionals with experience in ecology for over 14 years,able to perform a full range of services environmental support of any volume at the highest level.

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